Homsoft Solution:

Homsoft is a solution developed by Homine Informática to meet all automation processes of digital files through XML file format input, widely used in electronic document transactions
(Electronic Invoice, Electronic Bill of Lading, Recipient’s Electronic Demonstration and Electronic Manifest of Tax Documents). Homsoft solution consists of configurable modules. Homsoft Connector module meets all the standards set by SAP AG for the exchange of information safely. It is for sure that your data will be traded safely.

Why do you need the Homsoft?

  • Easily integrated to messaging of your receiving environment.
  • Provides total efficiency in document input of suppliers and service providers.
  • Pre-validation process of XML data.
  • Optimizing the input time of invoices in the company.
  • Automatic validation processes of electronic invoice with the purchase order (PO).
  • SAP Connector based on SAP Best Practices, using RFC Connector.
  • Fixed cost reduction.
  • Time reduction of proven physical and fiscal receipt process.
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Sap Solutions:

Internal Team of SAP Professionals with skill in modules: MM, SD, PP, FI, CO and ABAP.

Business Warehouse:

BW (Business Warehouse) allows the extraction of relevant data from Company’s processes, according to criteria defined by the business itself, with important information for planning and control of business processes.
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Electronic Invoice:

 In view of the initiative of the Brazilian Government for the electronic invoice (NF-e) project, Homine develops projects in the area since 2005, becoming the main company to implement the product in the market. The electronic invoice solution meets and exceeds the requirements of the Treasury Departments of all Brazilian States, generating value to internal processes.

Benefits of Electronic Invoice:

  • Environmental impact declines nearly ZERO.
  • Every million electronic invoices issued save about 56 trees
  • Reducing printing costs and storage of tax documents
  • Printing time reduction
  • Simplification of accessory obligations (without AIDF)
  • Automating the process of receiving invoices
  • Logistics Planning
  • Features of the Electronic Invoice Solution:

  • Issuance and electronic signature of tax documents
  • Automatic sending of documents to SEFAZ, with its respective validation
  • Fully configurable solution with reduced traffic information options on your internal and external network
  • Viewing documents in PDF format
  • Access to the information of tax documents via Web Portal
  • Integration with any Company’s System
  • Commercial Terms:

  • ASP (Application Service Provider): The solution is available through a proportional monthly service pursuant to the cost of tax documents issued and received during that period. All technical support, maintenance, storage and updates are no longer your concern.
  • IN HOUSE: The solution is available in your environment, and the management and solution control, maintenance, storage and updates are up to you. Note: for both options, Homine Team provides Solution Rollout Services.
  • Electronic Invoice for Services:

    Brazil has 5,561 municipalities and each municipality has adopted different ways of measuring and collect the Service Tax (ISS). Homine Informática already serves 800 cities through its Electronic Invoice Solution, some from the beginning. Learn more

    e-Bill of Lading (CT-e):

    e-Bill of Lading (CT-e) project is based on the technological and functional model of the Electronic Invoice for Goods (NF-e) Project, which was implemented to enable the use of electronic tax documents in place of other existing tax documents in the country. Learn more

    e-Ticketing (e-Boleto):

    This electronic document is not a tax liability imposed by our Federal Government, but our Consultants Team has all the expertise to develop with your team a project which enables to address the issue of electronic bills for payment with bar code or the typeful line. HOMINE has all the expertise to help you build this kind of electronic document… Learn More

    Electronic Invoice for Consumer (NFC-e):

    Electronic Invoice for Consumer Project aims to be a fully electronic alternative to current tax paper documents used in retail, reducing costs of ancillary obligations to taxpayers… Learn more

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