Homine Informática has a variety of solutions for NF-e management for your company by simplifying the process of issuing electronic invoices. It is a modular, ERP-fully-integrated and economical product for your company. The solution is developed in full compliance with the State Department of Taxation and Finance (SEFAZ) project nationwide.

Homine Informática is a member of GS1 Brazil and is part of NF-e Technology Players Group in Brazil, a group dedicated to discussion and evolution of the SPED Project and meets regularly with ENCAT technical team.
Brazil has 5,570 municipalities where each municipality has adopted different ways of measuring and collect the Service Tax (ISS). Homine Informática already serves through its Electronic Invoice for Services (NFS-e) Solution some municipalities where sending the form of Electronic Invoice for Services is required.

Municipalities that Signature Solution already meets with satisfaction: São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Barueri and Joinville. Ask Homine Informática on how to deploy Electronic Invoice for Services (NFS-e) Solution in your company.
e-Bill of Lading (CT-e) project is based on the technological and functional model of the Electronic Invoice for Goods (NF-e) Project, which was implemented to enable the use of electronic tax documents in place of other existing tax documents in the country. e-Bill of Lading is only a digital document of existence issued and stored electronically in order to file, for tax purposes, the provision of cargo transportation service performed by any transport mode. Its legal validity is guaranteed by the digital signature (guarantee of authorship and integrity) and for receiving and authorization of use by tax authorities. The solution is developed in full compliance with State Department of Taxation and Finance (SEFAZ) Project for transportation and logistics companies included within the Road, Waterway, Air, Rail, Pipeline segments.
This electronic document is not a tax liability imposed by our Federal Government, but our Consultants Team has all the expertise to develop with your team a project which enables to address the issue of electronic bills for payment with bar code or the typeful line. HOMINE has all the expertise to help you build this kind of electronic document.
Allows NF-e Recipient express himself on his commercial participation described in the NF-e (Recipient), confirming the information provided by his provider and issuer of the relevant tax invoice (NF-e). Recipient’s Demonstration allows NF-e Recipient to deny or confirm his participation in the operation covered by electronic invoice issued for his Corporate Taxpayer ID and manifest on the information provided in this tax document. Recipient’s Demonstration can occur in four events:

  • Issuance Notice
  • Confirmation of the Transaction
  • Operation Unawareness
  • Operation not performed
    The Electronic Manifest of Tax Documents (MDF-e) is a document issued and stored electronically, only in a digital way, to link the tax documents carried in cargo unit used on shipping. It must be issued by carriers, in deliveries with more than one Bill of Lading by companies transporting cargo in own vehicles, leased, or via carrier subcontractor deliveries with over an invoice. The purpose of the MDF-e is to streamline the registration of cargoes of tax documents and identify federal unit used and other characteristics of the transport. Homine Informática fully meets the SEFAZ requirements, a product developed under the concept of flexibility, solidity and compatibility.
    This project aims to be a fully electronic alternative to current tax paper documents used in retail (tax receipt issued by ECF and invoice form 2 for sales to consumers), reducing costs of ancillary obligations to taxpayers while enabling the improvement of fiscal control by the Tax Administrations. With the NFC-e, the consumer is also benefited by enabling the Proof of the validity and authenticity of the tax document received. The NFC-e Project proposes the establishment of a national standard for electronic tax document based on the technical standards of success of Electronic Invoice model 55, suited to retail particularities. The adoption of NFC-e is at the discretion of each Federated Unit and can get along with other existing fiscal control mechanisms, such as Tax Receipt Issuer to CF and Fiscal SAT. From the States participating in the pilot project, two have already set mandatory calendar: Amazonas and Mato Grosso. The other participating states are Acre, Maranhão, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio Grande do Norte and Sergipe

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